9 Benefits of iProfiler Plus by Zeiss

May 11, 2022 | Eye Health

As technology advances in the eye care industry, at the forefront of technological developments is Zeiss. 

Their i.Profiler Plus stands as a beacon of technological excellence. This compact 4-in-1 device seamlessly integrates diagnostic instruments crucial for eye care. 

If you want to find out more about how this device has transformed the eye-care landscape and improved patient care, read on.  

What is the IProfiler Plus? 

The Zeiss i.Profiler Plus is a compact 4-in-1 device designed for eye care. The device combines various diagnostic instruments in eyecare into a single device. This includes ocular wavefront aberrometer, auto refractometer, ATLAS corneal topographer, and a keratometer. 

The device is highly favoured in the optometry industry as it provides a detailed visual profile of a patient’s eyes, allowing for a thorough analysis of your visual performance and refractive conditions. 

But what are some of the other benefits of the device? 

Read on to find out more.  

1. Accurate measurement 

Zeiss ProfilerPlus excels in providing accurate measurements through its advanced technologies and features and stands out from competitors on the market. 

2. Comprehensive analysis 

The device combines multiple functions to provide a detailed visual profile of a patient’s eye. This 4in1, comprehensive approach allows it to capture detailed optical images, considering various aspects of its structure and function. 

3. High-resolution sensors 

The i.Profiler Plus uses a special sensor called Hartmann-Shack to examine your eyes closely. It looks at 1500 points in a small 7-millimetre area. This detailed check helps your eye doctor get an accurate understanding of how your eyes focus light, so they can give you the right prescription. 

4. Automated measurement procedure 

The device does all the measurements itself, making the measurement process smooth. This enhances efficiency and reduces the chance of mistakes, so the measurements are really accurate. 

5. Speed and efficiency 

With a touch screen control, the i.Profiler Plus can perform measurements for both eyes in just 60 seconds. This speed makes the process more convenient for patients and reduces the chances of variations that may occur over extended testing periods. 

6. Customised prescription 

With the iProfiler Plus, optometrists can take measurements of the patient’s overall refractive error and find detailed information about the way light bends in a patient’s eye. Optometrists then can offer a highly precise and personalised prescription, allowing the patients to have improved visual acuity and reduced visual distortions.  

7. Detection of ocular abnormalities 

The iProfiler Plus checks every part of your eyes thoroughly. It can find any issues or irregularities that might affect your vision or need more attention. This makes it really helpful for catching and understanding different eye problems, which can be important for keeping your eyes healthy. 

8. Enhanced patient comfort 

The iProfiler Plus uses advanced technology that enables quicker and more comfortable measurements as it minimises the need for multiple instruments and reduces the time patients spend in uncomfortable testing positions, resulting in a more pleasant experience during the eye test.  

9. Optimised lens design 

The iProfiler Plus offers additional features like the i.Scription technology, which measures the patient’s refractive error and the eye’s individual characteristics. Then, optometrists can use this data to design customised lenses that correct vision more accurately, providing the patient with clearer and more precise vision.  

Where can I get an eye test with the iProfiler Plus by Zeiss? 

At R C Cunning Optometrist, you can experience advanced eye tests using the cutting-edge iProfiler Plus device. Book an appointment at our Edinburgh opticians today. 

To learn more about how these tests work and the benefits of the iProfiler Plus, you can visit the Zeiss website. They provide in-depth information about the technology, its capabilities, and how it contributes to better eye care.